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7 in 1, wooden calendar clock preschool educational learning toys for kids- Multicolour

A great tool for teachers and parents includes clock, days, dates, months, weather and seasons. Stimulating learning; enhances education, coordination and reasoning skills. Promotes communication and logical thinking. Inspired by teachers; children can learn the concepts of time, days, dates, months, weather and seasons in a playful way! The concept of grasping and moving the sliders the will foster a visual and sensory relationship with numbers, date and time concepts. Surely, this educational toy makes learning more fun and enjoyable!

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Date: As we all know "calendar has 4 months that are 30 days long and 7 months that are 31 days long. February is the only month that is 28 days long in common years and 29 days long in leap years". With the help of this multi-purpose calendar clock, you can easily teach the concept of days in a month(date).

Time: The cute frog printed on the clock makes it more attractive for the kids, which will make it easier for you to teach them the time concept. Time and its transition is a valuable lesson for children's life. It is a 12-hour clock. The 12-hour clock is a way of dividing the 24 hours of the day into two sections.

Season: With the help of this toy you can teach your child about the different seasons and explain to them that there are four seasons called spring, summer, autumn, and winter. For your help and your kids better understanding, there are 4 small images printed on the board for identifying the season.

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Month: One of the easiest ways to teach this topic to children is talking about birthdays since they happen once a year. To help them understand this, it's useful to teach them first the names of the months, this way they can learn about which month is mom's birthday, or their own birthday!

Weather: You can teach kids that weather is the daily state of the atmosphere, or air, in any given place.The state of the atmosphere with respect to heat or cold, wetness or dryness, calm or storm, clearness or cloudiness. For your help, there are 6 small images of weather conditions printed on the wooden clock board.

Day of the Week: A week is a period of seven days. Teaching your child the days of the week is a great way to help them understand time. You can teach your child about weekdays and weekends so that they can differentiate between working day and a day off.

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